Dutchamco’s (Dutch American Collies) information

FCIDutchamco’s; Retired kennel of American Collies.

Several decades Dutchamco’s bred American Collies in all 4 recognized colors. Always 100% American bloodlines and with a complete registered FCI pedigree. Dutchamco’s last litter was born in May 2003.
Although no longer active in breeding we are still available to provide you with:

  • Information about our wonderful breed (temperament, health, general care and grooming)
  • Information where to find a pure-bred American Collie with a full registered pedigree
  • Do’s and don’ts in case you think about importing a Collie from USA or any foreign country
  • Occasionally we know about an adult Collie in need for a new forever home

Dutchamco’s / Lia is a member in good standing of the:

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Dutchamco's Handsome HopperDutchamco's King Kodiak

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